Around the world: Sydney (Australia) – 07.01. – 10.01.2017

After weeks in South East Asia and Nepal before, we were looking sooooo much forward to Australia. For some strange reason, it had never been my dream travel country before… (how wrong had I been J).

We landed in Sydney totally exhausted (thanks to a 4 hour flight delay in Singapore where you have absolutely nothing to do at midnight time).

The immigration went pretty well except that the immigration form asks you really cute questions such as if you are bringing shoes with you to Australia. I get it, … they want to protect the bio-environment. But hey, who travels barefoot? So I did not fill the field of course and had a nice discussion with the lady at the immigration asking me questions such as – how clean are my hiking shoes… Well, I hiked the Annapurna Circuit in those. She reminded me (in a very motherly way) that they need to be clean as new. Hmmm.

We got to our amazing apartment in the CBD area. We had a Bluetooth speaker, and a washing machine??? Whaaaat? Crazy. We slept and slept. We got up somewhat hungry ready for a 15 min walk to the Darling Harbor. When we saw the Hard Rock Café, the decision was clear. Food – good, drinks – good. I did few mobile long exposure shots and we walked home… If only I knew that this was probably the only area in Sydney where there is ‘night-life’ after 8pm.

Still traumatized by the loss of my precious Samyang lens, I was on a mission… Australia did actually distribute my Pentax K mount version and the store was 10 min walk from the apartment. So I went there to find out that they need to order those and likely will not arrive before we leave Sydney. I had them still ordered but shipped to another store in Brisbane – which was our next stop in Australia.

It was Sunday and we were naïve and hoped to actually enjoy the excellent cafes in Sydney. Back in Laos Yoni did a great marketing about it. We checked tripadvisor options and went for it. ALL CLOSED! I know it is the commercial district, but don’t the people need caffeine on Sunday in Sydney? So no eggs benedict, but we found truly excellent French Crepes… If you are around the Harbor area, do go and check the 4 Frogs.

In the next days we did a few must-do activities such as taking a Hop on – Hop off bus (good choice as it really covers a huge area incl. Bondi beach etc.), went to the Sky tower (not sure about the full name) and did several walks in the Harbor area, Opera area, walked the Harbor Bridge etc…

I mentioned the non-existing nightlife in Sydney. Of course (still naïve) we hoped to find some nice place for a glass of wine near Harbor Bridge… We came across a ‘restaurant’ and ordered wine. Hmm. We had to buy onion rings to get wine, because they didn’t have a standalone license for alcohol, as it is much cheaper for them to combine it with a food license (yes, we asked the waiter). Funny how Europe and Australia are different.

We met Erika – our new companion for the next weeks in Australia. We also met her friend Kerstin in some far away district (hippie) of Sydney. And that is pretty much it for Sydney. I loved it and I hope to back there sometime soon.

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