Zurich ZOO

Finally after several years, I made it to the ZOO in Zurich. I was especially looking forward putting the new Pentax K-1 to a test with the older Tamron 70-200mm F2.8 lens. I had my 90mm F2.8 macro from Tamron and the 50mm Pentax F1.2 with me, but those were most of the time just only the passive weight in the backpack. The same goes for the tripod.

Zurich ZOO

I split the photos mainly by the ZOO areas… check out more in this map:

Zoo map Zurich

Masoala rain-forest

a fairly large closed rain-forest environment with chameleons, turtles, some birds, lizards, etc…

Elephant section

+ 1 bird / chicken 😉

Apes / Monkey area

that goose and those fishes share the same area too


Quickly through the Himalayas into a variety of animals from different regions

Some really big apes

And the peacocks…

those are just walking everywhere in this ZOO


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