Perseid meteor shower evening

A friend of mine ordered recently a telescope. And it just got delivered. Few days before the Perseid (meteor shower) was peaking in August 2016.
What a reason to go and try it out and combine it with some good food, wine (thanks Piere and JuJu), star shooting / time-lapsing and gazing at the stars.

Unfortunately, Zurich is quite heavily light polluted and even this 30-45min drive outside of the city did not help too much, but it is still better than watching it from an apartment balcony.

In the end I got some very short 2 time-lapse sequences and 2 photos of the Milky way.

For me, this was the first opportunity to try out the new 28-105mm Pentax lens that I just received that week. For sure a nice 12 or 14mm Samyang might be better choice.
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I put one camera (my Pentax K-5) on a tripod with the Syrp Genie Mini.
The second (Pentax K-1) was just on the tripod itself without any panning. Both were generally pointed towards Polaris.
The short (1.5 hour) capture period and roughly 30sec intervals lead to a small rotation and short time-lapse… hopefully soon enough, I will have a chance to spend a much longer time doing an astro time-lapse. For that, hopefully with an even much wider lens 😉

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