Mettmenalp photohike (Glarus, Switzerland)

Last week (Aug 22nd, 2016) we had a pretty great weather in Switzerland & my parents came for a short weekend visit asking me to plan some smaller hike.

That is why I refreshed one location that I did twice in the past already. It is nice and alsoĀ ‘reasonably near’ from Zurich.

Getting there

putting this address (Luftseilbahn Kies-Mettmen AG) to google maps or your navigation should do the trick. The lift runs every 30 minutes. Of course we had to wait for 25 šŸ™‚

There are lots of nice trails up there. One of the favorite ones is theĀ LeglerhĆ¼tte, which you can do as a 1 or 2 day round hike (no need to return the same way). I did this one last year. I may shareĀ some pictures from that in another post.

Time-lapse and aperture flickering

I really did want to take some nice time-lapses from here. The weather was perfect with blue skies and moving clouds. In fact I took 2. At home, sitting behind the computer screen, I realized what the aperture flickering can be. As of now, I am making time-lapse videos only with an old manual lens with manual aperture setting.

so, this fail with the timelapse serves me as a great lessons learned for the next time. De-flickering with dedicated software wasn’t much of a help either.

The shots

Trying to get through the post-processing of one of the photographs, I decided for a small BW old style experiment. Check the before and after. Also mentioned in thisĀ old BW look post.

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