Around the world: Singapore (04. – 06.01.2017)

We had a very short stopover in Singapore between Thailand and Australia, just because I guess that’s what you do, and the flights were super cheap.

We have both been to the city a couple of times so no need to cram in all the sightseeing stuff. We ended up doing what basically everybody in Singapore does: some shopping on Orchard Road (Rudolf trying to find his broken lens to re-buy it – but no luck!), lots of delicious food in mall food courts, Marina Bay and – new for both of us – the Skyline Tree Walk and the Cloud Forest – which is a kind of indoors botanical garden. There are two parts of it, one more flower-focused, and one more tree-focused. We decided on the trees (don’t know why, but the day already had a theme…).

Also, we had the most expensive beer at Clarke Quay (36 SGD for two pints – what???!??) and the most expensive breakfast at Orchard Road (90 SGD – again, what?!?!??). We thought we were back in Zurich, but even there the beer is cheaper…

The highlights were probably both evenings as we met some old friends living in Singapore, who treated us to some truly local food!

We met Leon – huhuuu – who studied with me in Stuttgart and also was one of the 3 best flatmates ever 🙂 – and his girlfriend Michelle at the East Coast Lagoon Food Village the first night. Thank goodness they chose all the food, including Singaporean carrot cake (nope, it’s not sweet and also I don’t think there’s carrot in it) and grilled stingray (better than it sounds!). He also gave me the best tip for breakfast and we had a Kaya Toast at Kea Family Cafe at the Clarke Quay Mall.

It’s honestly soooo good!! I had another one later that afternoon. If you ever get there, try the buttered plain version.

The second night we went to visit Iain, a colleague of Rudolf, and his family. They live a bit outside the city in a schmick tower and took us to a local Chinese restaurant next door. At first we were skeptical but oh my good – the food was sooo delicious. Didn’t taste like European Chinese at all. I have to say that they ordered “tourist-friendly” dishes like black pepper beef, muesli prawns and of course the obligatory chili crab (and we didn’t even have any work with it). They said they always order the same stuff when coming there with guests, cause it always works – and I can confirm that it does! Additionally Meghan entertained us with a lot of awesome stories about working at the cashier in a Starbucks. I always knew that this would be my dream job.

The evening at Iains’ was also the evening of our onwards flight to Sydney, which was scheduled to leave at shortly before 1am in the morning I think. We flew scoot, the low-budget daughter of Singapore Air, and low-budget-style the flight was postponed to 4.30am or so. Lucky us! Sleeping at the coldest airport I know is just not fun 😀

Since we did not do too much in Singapore, here are a few pics:

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