Around the world: Route Catchup

Hello hello,

as the blog posts are coming not very much in sequence (sorryyy :)) here’s a quick route catch up what we have done so far, and are about to do next (also Rudolf is sleeping and I am bored):

  1. Nepal (Kathmandu & Annapurna Circuit): Blogposts Around the world: KathmanduAround the world: Nepal summary part 1: Zurich – ChameAround the world: Nepal summary part 2: Chame to High CampAround the world: Nepal summary part 3: High Camp – Kathmandu
  2. Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai): Blogpost Thoughts on BangkokAround the world: First weeks in SEA (Thailand to Laos) – 26.11. – 05.12.2016
  3. Laos (Gibbon Experience, Luang Prabang): Blogposts Around the world: Gibbon Experience in Laos – 05. – 07.12.2016Around the world: Luang Prabang / Laos and our first hospital visit – 08. – 12.12.2016
  4. Cambodia (Angkor Wat) – hopefully available soon with pictures 😉
  5. Malaysia (KL, Penang): Blogpost Around the world: short stop to recover in Malaysia – 17. – 22.12.2016
  6. Thailand (Koh Samui, Koh Phi Phi)
  7. Singapore: Blogpost Around the world: Singapore (04. – 06.01.2017)
  8. Australia (Sydney, Roadtrip from Byron Bay to Cairns, Melbourne, Tasmania): Blogposts on Fraser Island here (K’gari – the truth about Fraser Island) and Tassie here: Around the world: Tassie way of life – 30.01. – 07.02.2016 – the rest hopefully soon to follow…
  9. New Zealand (Roadtrip from Auckland to Milford Sound and back)
  10. Chile (Santiago, Valparaiso)

Currently we are in Valparaiso and mentally preparing for our next hiking adventures in the Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, and on the Inca Trail from Cusco to Macchu Picchu!

This is all booked now (gosh… what a stress :D) Planning all of this was so stressful. This is probably because we are doing everything at the last minute, and many things have already sold out or are not available anymore (for example all Inca Trail permits for April, May and June this year, so we caught some of the last available spots on the 30th of March :)). The same happened to us in Australia when we wanted to book trips to the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef.

Afterwards we are planning on travelling to Bolivia and spend some time around Lake Titicaca and the Salar de Uyuni. This will take up allll of our time until end of April, and then, who knows… 🙂

My favourite so far was New Zealand. Being stranded in Chile I have come to admit that my Spanish sucks and I miss Aussie / NZ coffee! Rudolf says his favourite so far was Australia… probably due to the same reasons 😀

See you soon!

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