Around the world: Laos (additional photos)

While Isi posted already a post about Laos ages ago here and here, I still had some hidden files on the SD cards. And as I was going through those files in a desperate search for some lost shots (thanks SanDisk for failing on me on two 265GB cards), I found out that I had never developed those. (few photos are repeats…)

This is a combinations of photos from the gibbon experience and Luang Prabang (taken with the DSLR) and more Luang Prabang shots – especially the Mekong river taken with Isabel’s mirrorless Samsung…. – I was just too lazy to take my big camera with me that day.

Gibbon Experience:

Kuang Si waterfalls:

Alms giving in Luang Prabang:


From Isabel’s camera:

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