Around the world: The beautiful Whitsundays – 18. – 20.01.2017

The Whitsunday Islands Cruise

When we started our Ozzie trip and met with Erika in Sydney, it was pretty clear that the Whitsundays would become a must stop for us. While in Byron Bay, we already planned a 3 day tour (boat trip on a nice small yacht called Prima). We set off for the sailing from Airlie Beach.

The 3 day boat trip was quite pricey, but exactly what we needed after South East Asia and some driving in Australia. For once again, we were looking forward to meeting some new people and we ended up having plenty of Europeans on the boat (incl. the skipper Thierry from France and the chef Maddie from the UK) – it really feels like Europe wants to conquer Australia.

What you get is the absolute relax on a nice smaller yacht with nice people, awesome food, plenty of snorkeling, watching the milky way from the deck in the night and of course visiting the beautiful Whitsunday Island with the Whitehaven beach (a must stop).

About our yacht: The Prima

But first a little bit more to the yacht: When we booked the trip approx. 1,5 weeks in advance, almost every ship was already full / sold out. The Prima was basically the only boat still available for our dates, and it is one of the smallest yachts that sails the Whitsundays commercially. There are in total 4 private cabins, and additionally 4 sleeping bunks in the common area – so 8 passengers. Maddy slept somewhere in the common area too, and Thierry the badass sleeps up on deck under the open sky 🙂 What a life!

We of course booked one of the two “luxury” private cabins with our own bathroom, which we shared with Erika and was pretty convenient. It was quite small though, but really cozy 🙂

All in all we were really happy with our “forced” choice, because it had fewer people so you could really get to know them. Maddie was a really awesome cook, and we had an awesome time!

Activities in the Whitsundays

Whitehaven beach has some of the finest sand in the world. Rumor has it that NASA was using this sand to polish the Hubble telescope. Who knows. Another specific of this beach is that it looks different every single day as the tiny streams move the sand all the time.

Whitsundays is a good spot for snorkeling with big turtles (I saw at least 5 different ones in some 30 minutes) and of course corals, too. The reason there are many turtles is probably the higher amount of food (jellyfish). A not-so-nice side effect of the jellyfish is, that you must wear a sting suit.

The Whitsunday Islands is a set of 74 islands which are already part of the Great Barrier reef (a bit more south than the typical scuba diving area you would normally imagine near Cairns) and totally worth visiting while in Australia on the East coast.

It was definitely one of our highlights of the whole trip, not only Australia, because it’s just so nice being on a yacht for 3 days, and the surroundings are just absolutely stunning. But see for yourself – there are lots of beautiful pictures and it really was that pretty!





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