Around the world: The beautiful Whitsundays – snorkeling GoPro shots

The ‘lost’ photos

While last week I was preparing the post on Whitsundays, I could not find by any means the shots from the GoPro camera which I took during the 3 days of snorkeling. So at least I posted the DSLR photos and a short video (that miraculously I had from my GoPro, but not the photos). Today, I was going through the external HDD and here you go… the missing shots.

I quickly looked through them and I liked some of them so much, that I simply had to make this follow up post 😉

The turtles

As I wrote last week, we were pretty lucky with the amount of turtles we saw in the area. All of a sudden the whole group from the boat started demonstrating their ‘freediving’ skills with the mask & snorkel without fins on how deep you can follow the turtle under the water. Luckily nobody was crazy enough to go too close or touch those awesome animals (not that it would be dangerous for people, but just not too cool for the turtles).



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