Around the world: Australia – Tasmania – 30.01. – 07.02.2017 (DSLR + video)

Yet another post from Tasmania

Isi already put together a post about Tasmania some 8 months ago 😉 The reason for this one is, that I finally got myself to put together the video from the drone.

The Mavic

As I mentioned in the post about Melbourne, I received the DJI Mavic Pro in the morning of flying from Melbourne to Hobart. And man, … was I waiting for this for ages? So I took some footage at the 1st possible location while driving from the East to West. Needles to say – I had absolutely no experience (other than watching some youtube reviews), so the 1st flight took maybe 2 minutes, did not fly pretty much anywhere away, not higher than 30 meters.

It took me forever to find out that the default settings for photos and videos was pretty bad (over – sharp, too much contrast, too much saturation, smaller resolution etc…). I only changed that once we returned back home to Switzerland.


The journey

There were several reasons I was looking forward to Tasmania. Main two – droning and temperature. After some 2 months in typically 30+ Celsius temperatures, the new default was 20. As much as I enjoyed that, Isi didn’t.

Australia is pretty open and friendly for drone flying. It is not densely populated and is just beautiful.

We started in Hobart, where we rented a small car (Kia if I remember well) and made a round-trip covering Russel falls, Strahan (in the west) and it’s nearby Henty dunes, Montezuma Falls, Cradle Mountain, Launceston, Bay of fires and the East Coast back to Hobart. At the very end we made also a day trip to the Bruny island, which is also really cool.  Tasmania is one of those places where journey is equally important as the destinations as the landscape is just beautiful and changing every day.

photos (dslr)

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