Around the world: Australian Roadtrip: Cairns area – 21.01.2017

End of the long journey

So we made it in the end. Our long drive north with thousands of kilometers was over.

My biggest fear – the weather (should have been extremely hot and humid) was ok-ish. Yes, it rained cats and dogs exactly when we parked the car in front of our airbnb. What can be a better welcome than bringing all the things from the car in heavy rain and rivers of water on the street? The airbnb was spacious, nothing extra, but did the job.

Last ride for the Holden

We had a bit of time left before our 3 day dive trip, so we decided to explore the area a bit with our Holden Colorado 7 (that was soon to be returned). We loved this car, so we had to give it an extra ride to the nearby forests and waterfalls. The falls finally gave me some good reason to take out the tripod from the backpack.

The ‘vegetarian’ fail and falls

On the way we also stopped at a Cathedral Fig Tree, Heales Lookout, found some restaurant owned by a Swiss dude. Pizza was good. Especially Erika enjoyed her ‘vegetarian’ salami pizza 🙂

The waterfalls (Millaa Millaa, Elinjaa Falls and Zillie Falls were pretty nice in fact) and while driving away from Elinjaa falls we met quite many curious cows next to the road 😉

… next stop : diviiiiiing 🙂

mobile shots:

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