2 day hike from Gigerwald to Elm (day 2)

This post covers the 2nd day of the hike from Gigerwald to Elm.

The route:

this is the complete 2 day hike as mapped by komoot. The 2nd day is longer with more elevation changes and a long descend at the end. On the other hand, this day offers more views into multiple valleys.

Getting home:

The hike finishes in Elm. The best way to get back to Zurich is probably a bus from Elm Station to Schwanden. From there there is either a direct train to Zurich HB (the route take a bit longer) or a faster route with one more change in Ziegelbrücke.

Photos from day 2:

The below video is a complication of various time-lapses from Switzerland. Many of those were made during this hike.

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