2 day hike from Gigerwald to Elm (day 1)

This covers the 1st day of the hike from Gigerwald to Elm.

Getting there:

find the best connection at SBB.ch to Gigerwald, Staudamm. There is a bus operating between Gigerwald, Staudamm and Bad Ragaz.

The route:

this is the complete 2 day hike as mapped by komoot.

The day 1 is a bit shorter and more relaxing. The 2nd day covers more elevation gain and a massive descend at the very end. In total, the 2 day hike sums up into some 33-34 km with about total 1600m elevation gain and 2000m descents.


There is a SAC (Swiss Alpine Club) Hütte (Sardonahütte) on the trail splitting the hike into 2 part. Getting to the hut is rather easy with a bit steeper finish. Accommodation (with the dinner and breakfast) can be booked via eMail. Check more info on the hut page.

Photos from day 1:

The below video is a complication of various time-lapses from Switzerland. Many of those were made during this hike.

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